This Adorable Case Will Make You Fall in Love with Your Beauty Makeup Blender Sponge

What's an Eggies Case?

Most beauty junkies absolutely love their beauty makeup blender sponge but one drawback keeps them from using their sponge day after day. It's the fact of cleaning the sponge. What's more annoying is how much stains it collects and how it easily smears the inside of your makeup bag with dirt. 

Enter the adorable Eggies Case. After a good wash with some beauty makeup blender soap, simply toss in the wet sponge inside the case. The majority of sponge brands, shapes and sizes fit this cute case. Ventilation holes at the bottom of the case allow the sponge to breathe and dry out effectively. Here are several benefits why you NEED an Eggies Case.

1. Prevent Growth of Mold  

Did you know that your sponge can be 200,000 dirtier than a toilet seat and lead to paralysis?

Eggies Beauty solution: Wash your sponge thoroughly with any beauty makeup blender soap and warm water. Immediately place your sponge into an Eggies Case for it to naturally dry and ventilate and thus prevent mold.

2. Prevent Breakouts and Acne

Unsanitary facial sponges can clog facial pores which cause facial breakouts and acne.

Eggies Beauty Solution: Ensure you're using an effective beauty makeup blender soap to wash your facial sponge. Store the sponge in your Eggies Case to maintain hygiene.

3. Prevent Makeup Stains

Tossing your sponge in your makeup bag can leave behind dirty stains in your purse or bag.

Eggies Beauty Solution: Small and easy way to pack your sponge on the go and prevent staining your makeup bag.

4. Save Money in the Long Run

Unkept beauty makeup blender sponges can mold quickly, tear down and cause breakouts.

Eggies Beauty Solution: The Eggies Case protects your skin and saves YOU money when your sponge last longer!

What's an Eggies Case