About Us

The Eggies Beauty Story

How we became the company that combines adorable and functional beauty for the makeup community.

Our Journey Begins Here

In September of 2015, I headed to Japan to take part in a 2 week culinary and historical experience across this breathtaking country. Upon arrival in Tokyo, it was at this magical country that I first experienced the glowing billboards, the fresh seafood and the adorable characters of "kawaii" products in every store. I fell in love.

I packed light and my makeup kit included a foundation, mascara, eyeliner, creams and a makeup sponge. My skin is ultra-sensitive so taking sanitary care of my sponge is key. I ensured that my sponge was properly washed with a beauty makeup blender soap.


Shortly after arrival, my skin broke out and I knew the culprit had to be my makeup sponge. The sponge collected so much bacteria in the bag it was stored in. It was then I knew I had to come up with a case that would dry my sponge. Did you know that your sponge can be 200,000 dirtier than a toilet seat and lead to paralysis?

At this point of my travels, the vision of the Eggies Case was born. I was inspired by adorable animated characters and how the people dressed like their anime character. So kuwaii! I wanted an adorable case with an emoji that would form fit any egg shaped beauty makeup blender. In short, the grand idea was an adorable beauty makeup blender case.

By November 2015 the Eggies Case hit the market and boomed. Many beauty bloggers caught on and reviewed us. We are so grateful for them to check us out at such an early stage of the company. We are continuing to expand our makeup product offerings.

Our Vision

We were tired of DIY solutions that ultimately became unsanitary. Eggies Beauty is dedicated to providing solutions for any complications makeup users face as part of their daily beauty routine. We want our customers to have the ultimate experience in taking care of their skin.

In addition to providing great products and service, we want to change the way society looks at makeup. There are still organizations who simply offer 'makeup tools". We offer beyond the functionality of a tool. We offer adorable makeup and skincare that adds so much fun to the beauty routine.

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Our Mission Statement

We are focused on providing the makeup community an adorable, fun, sensitive skin-friendly experience to the every day beauty routine.