Eggies Case Bundle

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HOLY MOLY, don't you just love our adorable Eggies? Now you can pair your favorite Eggies Case with its BFF with our Eggie Beauty Makeup Blender.

Travel and dry your wet makeup sponge at all times. Our patent pending ventilated makeup sponge case hygienically stores your sponge, which helps prevent bacteria getting on the sponge and ultimately prevents acne breakouts! Grab your bundle of joy so that YOU can:

1. Blend like a dream

2. Travel like a makeup artist pro while your wet makeup sponge dries

3. Keep your makeup sponge clean 

4. Protect the inside of your makeup bag away from all that yuck

5. Effectively store after wash with your beauty makeup blender soap

Our Eggies Collection Set includes:

(1) Eggies Case selected in your favorite color

(1) Eggie Beauty Makeup Blender

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