Traveling Abroad? Here are makeup essentials to pick up

by Ritta Z May 24, 2017

Traveling Abroad? Here are makeup essentials to pick up

With Memorial Day just around the corner this is perfect for the extended weekend when you're traveling and need adorable makeup products to look a little put together! Summer is also looming which means you may be traveling abroad soon. Or maybe you have a friend traveling abroad (don't be jelly!). 

Here are a couple essentials that's worth getting your hands on ASAP. Need convincing? These are well recommended by one of the biggest beauty influencers, Danielle Rae. Now let's see what she strongly recommends:


Eggies Case - Adorable Beauty Makeup Blender Case

Eggies Case Beauty Blender Case

It's the best beauty makeup blender case available. Its compact size fits inside your travel bag or makeup bag. If your skin is prone to facial breakouts you'll want to ensure your beauty blender sponge is kept free from harmful bacteria that's collected in your makeup bag. It's best not to use hack methods like wrapping your beauty beauty blender sponge in tissue paper, a plastic bag or sandwich bags. Best of all, the case ventilates your sponge too as there are ventilation holes at the bottom of the case. Aren't they just adorable?

Eggie Jelly - Adorable Silisponge

These adorable silicone makeup blenders (silisponge) come equipped with its own box case so you can easily toss in your travel bag or makeup bag. It's super easy to clean when you're finished. It makes an ideal travel essential because you spend less time cleaning this sponge and more time enjoying your vacation!

Ritta Z
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